Package org.apache.synapse.commons.datasource

Interface Summary
DataSourceInformationRepositoryListener listen and handle events relating to changes in DataSourceInformationRepository
DataSourceRepository Keep all DataSources defined in the Synapse
DBPoolViewMBean MBean for retrieving some statistics about the connection pool

Class Summary
DataSourceConstants Constants related to the DataSource component
DataSourceFinder Utility class to locate DataSources from a JNDI tree
DataSourceInformation Encapsulates the All information related to a DataSource
DataSourceInformationRepository Keep and maintain DataSourceInformation
DatasourceMBeanRepository Keeps DatasourceMBeans
DataSourceRepositoryHolder Holder for the DataSourceRepository
DataSourceRepositoryManager Manages data sources defined in the synapse.
DBPoolView Data source connection pool stats collector implementation
InMemoryDataSourceRepository Keeps all DataSources in the memory
JNDIBasedDataSourceRepository Keep all DataSources in the JNDI Tree
RepositoryBasedDataSourceFinder Finds a DataSource from DataSource Repositories

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