Interface EvaluatorSerializer

All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractEvaluatorSerializer, AndSerializer, EqualSerializer, MatchSerializer, NotSerializer, OrSerializer, TextProcessingEvaluatorSerializer

public interface EvaluatorSerializer

This interface should be implemented by the classes to serialize the Evaluator object model in to XML configuration.

Method Summary
 OMElement serialize(OMElement parent, Evaluator evaluator)
          Serialze an Evaluator configuration to a XML element.

Method Detail


OMElement serialize(OMElement parent,
                    Evaluator evaluator)
                    throws EvaluatorException
Serialze an Evaluator configuration to a XML element.

parent - if not null the serialize element will be added to the parent
evaluator - The Evaluator object to be serialized
OMElement containing the configuration
EvaluatorException - if an error occurs while serializing

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