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Packages that use EvaluatorFactory

Uses of EvaluatorFactory in org.apache.synapse.commons.evaluators.config

Classes in org.apache.synapse.commons.evaluators.config that implement EvaluatorFactory
 class AndFactory
          This factory creates a AndEvaluator.
 class EqualFactory
           This factory creates a EqualEvaluator.
 class MatchFactory
          This Factory creates a MatchEvaluator using the following XML configuration.
 class NotFactory
          This Factory creates a NotEvaluator from the following XML configuration.
 class OrFactory
          This factory creates a OrFactory using the following XML configuration.
 class TextProcessingEvaluatorFactory

Methods in org.apache.synapse.commons.evaluators.config that return EvaluatorFactory
 EvaluatorFactory EvaluatorFactoryFinder.findEvaluatorFactory(String name)
          Retun an EvaluatorFactory for a given Evaluator name.

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