Package org.apache.synapse.commons.evaluators

Interface Summary
Evaluator This is the base interface for evaluating boolean expressions.

Class Summary
AndEvaluator This encapsulates two or more boolean conditions.
Condition Encapsulates a condition.
EqualEvaluator Try to see weather a part of the HTTP request is equal to the value provided.
EvaluatorConstants Constants used through out the evaluators
EvaluatorContext Holds the information about the HTTP request.
MatchEvaluator This evaluator uses regular expressions to match a given HTTP request.
NotEvaluator This encapsulates a boolean expression.
OrEvaluator This encapsulates two or more boolean expressions.
Parser This class is used to parse a Given HTTP request against a set of rules.

Enum Summary

Exception Summary
EvaluatorException An Exception used by Evaluators to signal configuration errors as well as execution errors.

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