Package org.apache.synapse.config.xml

Factories and serializers for XML based configuration.


Interface Summary
ConfigurationFactory This interface defines the configuration factories of Synapse
ConfigurationSerializer This interface defines the configuration serializers of Synapse.
MediatorFactory A mediator factory capable of creating an instance of a Mediator through a given XML should implement this interface
MediatorSerializer Interface which should be implemented by mediator serializers.
StartupFactory Defines the factories which builds startups
StartupSerializer Defines the serialization of Startups

Class Summary
AbstractDBMediatorFactory Base class for factories for database related mediators.
AbstractDBMediatorSerializer Base class for serializers for database related mediators.
AbstractListMediatorFactory This implements the basic logic to build a list mediator from a given XML configuration.
AbstractListMediatorSerializer Parent class for all the ListMediator serialization implementations.
AbstractMediatorFactory Parent class for all the MediatorFactory implementations
AbstractMediatorSerializer Parent class for all the MediatorSerializer implementations
AggregateMediatorFactory Factory for AggregateMediator instances from the config;
AggregateMediatorSerializer Serializer for AggregateMediator instances.
AnnotatedCommandMediatorFactory Creates an instance of a AnnotatedCommand mediator using XML configuration specified

AnonymousListMediator This mediator represents an unnamed list mediator
AnonymousListMediatorFactory This is factory for creating an anonymous list mediator(an unnamed list of mediators )
AnonymousListMediatorSerializer This is Serializer for serialization of an anonymous list mediator(an unnamed list of mediators )
CacheMediatorFactory Creates an instance of a Cache mediator using XML configuration specified
CacheMediatorSerializer Serializes the Cache mediator to the XML configuration specified

CalloutMediatorFactory Factory for CalloutMediator instances.
CalloutMediatorSerializer <callout serviceURL="string" [action="string"]> <configuration [axis2xml="string"] [repository="string"]/>? <source xpath="expression" | key="string"> <target xpath="expression" | key="string"/> </callout>
ClassMediatorFactory Creates an instance of a Class mediator using XML configuration specified

ClassMediatorSerializer <class name="class-name"> <property name="string" (value="literal" | expression="xpath")/>* </class>
CloneMediatorFactory The <clone> element is used to copy messages in Synapse to similar messages but with different message contexts and mediated using the specified targets
CloneMediatorSerializer This will serialize the CloneMediator to the xml configuration as specified bellow
ConditionalRouterMediatorFactory <conditionalRouter continueAfter="(true|false)"> <route breakRoute="(true|false)"> <condition ../> <target ../> </route> </conditionalRouter>
ConditionalRouterMediatorSerializer <conditionalRouter continueAfter="(true|false)"> <route breakRoute="(true|false)"> <condition ../> <target ../> </route> </conditionalRouter>
ConfigurationFactoryAndSerializerFinder This class is based on J2SE Service Provider model

It deals with both the problem of turning an XML into a Synapse config and vice-versa

DBLookupMediatorFactory Factory for DBLookupMediator instances.
DBLookupMediatorSerializer Serializer for DBLookupMediator instances.
DBReportMediatorFactory Factory for DBReportMediator instances.
DBReportMediatorSerializer Serializer for DBReportMediator instances.
DropMediatorFactory Factory for DropMediator instances.
DropMediatorSerializer Serializer for DropMediator instances.
EntryFactory Factory for Entry instances.
EntrySerializer Serializer for Entry instances.
FaultMediatorFactory Factory for FaultMediator instances.
FaultMediatorSerializer Serializer for FaultMediator instances.
FilterMediatorFactory Creates a filter mediator instance with the default behavior
FilterMediatorSerializer <filter (source="xpath" regex="string") | xpath="xpath"> mediator+ </filter>
HeaderMediatorFactory Factory for HeaderMediator instances.
HeaderMediatorSerializer Serializer for HeaderMediator instances.
InMediatorFactory Factory for InMediator instances.
InMediatorSerializer Factory for InMediator instances.
InvokeMediatorFactory Builds Invoke mediator from a configuration as ...
InvokeMediatorSerializer Serialize a Invoke mediator to a configuration given below ...
IterateMediatorFactory The <iterate> element is used to split messages in Synapse to smaller messages with only one part of the elements described in the XPATH expression.
IterateMediatorSerializer This class will be acting as the serializer for the IterateMediator which will convert the IterateMediator instance to the following xml configuration
LogMediatorFactory Created a Log mediator that logs messages using commons-logging.
LogMediatorSerializer <log [level="simple|headers|full|custom"] [separator="string"] [category="INFO|TRACE|DEBUG|WARN|ERROR|FATAL"]> <property> * </log>
MediatorFactoryFinder This class is based on J2SE Service Provider model
MediatorPropertyFactory A utility class capable of creating instances of MediatorProperty objects by reading through a given XML configuration
MediatorPropertySerializer A utility class for serializing instances of MediatorProperty objects by reading through a given XML configuration
MessageProcessorFactory Create an instance of the given Message processor, and sets properties on it.
MessageProcessorSerializer Create an instance of the given Message processor, and sets properties on it.
MessageStoreFactory Create an instance of the given Message Store, and sets properties on it.
MessageStoreMediatorFactory Creates an instance of a MessageStore mediator using XML configuration specified
MessageStoreMediatorSerializer Serialize an instance of a MessageStore mediator to the XML configuration .
MessageStoreSerializer Serialize an instance of the given Message Store, and sets properties on it.
MultiXMLConfigurationBuilder This optional configuration builder creates the Synapse configuration by processing a specified file hierarchy.
OMElementUtils Holds Axiom utility methods used by Synapse
OutMediatorFactory Creates an Out mediator instance
PayloadFactoryMediatorFactory Creates a payloadFactory mediator from the provided XML configuration

PayloadFactoryMediatorSerializer Serializer for PayloadFactoryMediator instances.
POJOCommandMediatorFactory Factory for POJOCommandMediator instances.
POJOCommandMediatorSerializer Serializer for POJOCommandMediator instances.
PropertyHelper This class will be used as a Helper class to get the properties loaded while building the Synapse Configuration from the XML
PropertyMediatorFactory Creates a property mediator through the supplied XML configuration

PropertyMediatorSerializer <property name="string" [action=set/remove] (value="literal" | expression="xpath") [type="literal"]> [Random XML] </property>
ProxyServiceFactory Factory for ProxyService instances.
ProxyServiceSerializer Serializer for ProxyService instances.
RegistryFactory Create an instance of the given registry, and sets properties on it.
RegistrySerializer <registry [name="string"] provider="provider.class"> <property name="string" value="string"> </registry>
ResourceMapFactory Creates a ResourceMap object based on a set of <resource> elements:
ResourceMapSerializer Creates a sequence of <resource> elements from a ResourceMap object:
RMSequenceMediatorFactory Factory for RMSequenceMediator instances.
RMSequenceMediatorSerializer Serializer for RMSequenceMediator instances.
SamplingThrottleMediatorFactory Builds the SamplingThrottleMediator instance by looking at the following configuration
SamplingThrottleMediatorSerializer Serializes the SamplingThrottleMediator instance into a XML configuration as follows
SendMediatorFactory Factory for SendMediator instances.
SendMediatorSerializer Serializer for SendMediator instances.
SequenceMediatorFactory Factory for SequenceMediator instances.
SequenceMediatorSerializer Serializer for SequenceMediator instances.
SwitchCase A SwitchCase define a case element of Switch Mediator and It has a list mediator and a regex that is matched by its owning SwitchMediator for selection.
SwitchMediatorFactory Factory for SwitchMediator instances.
SwitchMediatorSerializer Factory for SwitchMediator instances.
SynapseMediatorFactory Builds the main mediator (@see SynapseConfiguration) of the Synapse instance
SynapseMediatorSerializer <rules> mediator+ <rules>
TargetFactory Factory for Target instances.
TargetSerializer Serializer for Target instances.
TemplateMediatorFactory Factory class for Template configuration as follows
TemplateMediatorSerializer Serializer class for Template to serialize into a configuration as follows
TransactionMediatorFactory The Factory for create transaction mediator- InLine XML need to provide

TransactionMediatorSerializer Serializer for TransactionMediator instances.
URLRewriteMediatorFactory Creates an instance of the URLRewriteMediator given an XML configuration which adheres to the following grammar.
ValidateMediatorFactory Factory for ValidateMediator instances.
ValidateMediatorSerializer Serializer for ValidateMediator instances.
ValueFactory Factory for Value instances.
ValueSerializer Serializer for Value instances.
XMLConfigConstants Constants used in the processing of XML configuration language
XMLConfigurationBuilder Builds a Synapse Configuration from an XML input stream
XMLConfigurationSerializer Serialize a SynapseConfiguration into an OutputStream
XSLTMediatorFactory Factory for XSLTMediator instances.
XSLTMediatorSerializer Serializer for XSLTMediator instances.

Enum Summary
XMLConfigConstants.DATA_TYPES The set of supported data types

Package org.apache.synapse.config.xml Description

Factories and serializers for XML based configuration.

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