Package org.apache.synapse.core.axis2

Class Summary
AnonymousServiceFactory Returns an anonymous service for the given QoS.
AsyncCallback This class only "holds" the Synapse out message context for the Synapse callback message receiver when a response is received or error is encountered
Axis2FlexibleMEPClient This is a simple client that handles both in only and in out
Axis2LoadBalanceMembershipHandler Bridge between Axis2 membership notification and Synapse load balancing
Axis2MessageContext This is the MessageContext implementation that synapse uses almost all the time because Synapse is implemented on top of the Axis2
Axis2Sender This class helps the Axis2SynapseEnvironment implement the send method
Axis2SynapseEnvironment This is the Axis2 implementation of the SynapseEnvironment
Axis2TransportHelper Provides functionality to pause and resume listeners and transports and retrieve current thread count.
DynamicAxisOperation DynamicAxisOperation which switch dynamically between MEPs
MessageContextCreatorForAxis2 The MessageContext needs to be set up and then is used by the SynapseMessageReceiver to inject messages.
ProxyService ..? ... ... ... ... ? ...? ...? * ? ? ? ? // optional service parameters text | xml ?
ProxyServiceMessageReceiver This is the MessageReceiver set to act on behalf of Proxy services.
ServiceLoadBalanceMembershipHandler Bridge between Axis2 membership notification and Synapse load balancing
SynapseAxisServlet Extends axis2 servlet functionality so that avoid starting listeners again
SynapseCallbackReceiver This is the message receiver that receives the responses for outgoing messages sent out by Synapse.
SynapseDispatcher This is the Axis2 Dispatcher which is registered with the Axis2 engine.
SynapseMessageReceiver This message receiver should be configured in the Axis2 configuration as the default message receiver, which will handle all incoming messages through the synapse mediation
SynapseMustUnderstandHandler This is a handler for axis2 which will clear the mustUnderstand ness of the headers if there are any after the Dispatch, which will allow Synapse to get the message even with unprocessed mustUnderstand headers
SynapseStartUpServlet When Synapse is deployed on a WAR container, this is the init servlet that kicks off the Synapse instance, calling on the ServerManager
TimeoutHandler An object of this class is registered to be invoked in some predefined time intervals.

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