Package org.apache.synapse.format.syslog

Implementation of the BSD syslog protocol described in RFC 3164.


Class Summary
InputStreamConsumer Input stream consumer.
SyslogConstants Class defining constants for the syslog protocol.
SyslogMessageBuilder Message builder for syslog events.

Exception Summary
ProtocolException Exception used by InputStreamConsumer.

Package org.apache.synapse.format.syslog Description

Implementation of the BSD syslog protocol described in RFC 3164.

The protocol is implemented as an Axis2 message builder that takes a single syslog message as input and that produces an XML representation of the event in the form of an AXIOM tree. The XML format is non standard and is defined by the org/apache/synapse/format/syslog/schema.xsd included in the JAR.

A typical message looks as follows:

 <message xmlns=""
          facility="authpriv" severity="info" tag="CRON" pid="6813">
   pam_unix(cron:session): session closed for user root
The message builder can be registered in the Axis2 configuration file (axis2.xml) in the following way:
   <messageBuilder contentType="application/x-syslog"
Again the content type application/x-syslog is non standard and is only used to refer to the message builder later.

Known issues

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