Package org.apache.synapse.mediators.builtin

Class Summary
CacheMediator CacheMediator will cache the response messages indexed using the hash value of the request message, and subsequent messages with the same request (request hash will be generated and checked for the equality) within the cache expiration period will be served from the stored responses in the cache
CalloutMediator ?
DropMediator Halts further processing/mediation of the current message.
EnqueueMediator This mediator execute a given sequence with a given priority.
LogMediator Logs the specified message into the configured logger.
PropertyMediator The property mediator would save(or remove) a named property as a local property of the Synapse Message Context or as a property of the Axis2 Message Context or as a Transport Header.
SendMediator SendMediator sends a message using specified semantics.
ValidateMediator Validate a message or an element against a schema

This internally uses the Xerces2-j parser, which cautions a lot about thread-safety and memory leaks.


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