Package org.apache.synapse

Interface Summary
Command This is the Command interface that will be implemented to write command objects, but it is not required to implement this interface Synapse will use reflection to find an execute method as a convention in the command pattern and will start the execution from the execute method
Identifiable Identifiable indicates whether an abstraction can be identified
ManagedLifecycle This interface defines all the managed stateful parts of Synapse including the configuration itself.
Mediator All Synapse mediators must implement this Mediator interface.
MessageContext The Synapse Message Context is available to all mediators through which it flows.
Nameable Nameable indicates whether an abstraction has a name.
PropertyInclude This inteface makes an entity to have properties.
ServerManagerViewMBean A simple MBean for managing the Synapse Server.
Startup This startup interface will be instantiated to create startup tasks.
SynapseArtifact This is the super interface for all the artifacts defined in the SynapseConfiguration.
SynapseController The controller for synapse Create, Start, Stop and Destroy synapse artifacts in a particular environment
SynapseLog Synapse logging interface.

Class Summary
Axis2SynapseController Axis2 Based Synapse Controller.
FaultHandler This is an abstract class that handles an unexpected error during Synapse mediation, but looking at the stack of registered FaultHanders and invoking on them as appropriate.
JmxAdapter JMX Adaptor class providing a JMX server connector to be able to query MBeans via JConsole or any other JMX-compatible management solution.
The provided JNDI port will be used to create a local RMI registry.
SecretManagerAdminMBeanImpl Admin service for managing SecretManager
ServerConfigurationInformation Encapsulates all server information
ServerConfigurationInformationFactory Contains factory method for creating ServerConfigurationInformation based on various
ServerContextInformation Encapsulates server context information
ServerManager This is the core class that starts up a Synapse instance.
ServerStateDetectionStrategy Detects possible current server state
SynapseConstants Global constants for the Apache Synapse project
SynapseConstants.Axis2Param Parameter names in the axis2.xml that can be used to configure the synapse
SynapseControllerFactory Factory method for create a SynapseController instance
SynapseServer This is the class invoked by the command line scripts and to start an instance of Synapse.

Enum Summary
ServerState Represents the server states

Exception Summary
SynapseException Runtime exception for Synapse code to throw

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