Class RESTRequestHandler

  extended by

public class RESTRequestHandler
extends Object

This class is responsible for receiving requests from various sources and dispatching them to a suitable REST API for further processing. This is the main entry point for mediating messages through APIs and Resources.

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 boolean process(MessageContext synCtx)
          Attempt to process the given message through one of the available APIs.
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Constructor Detail


public RESTRequestHandler()
Method Detail


public boolean process(MessageContext synCtx)
Attempt to process the given message through one of the available APIs. This method will first try to locate a suitable API for the given message by running it through the API validation routines available. If a matching API is found it will dispatch the message to the located API. If a matching API cannot be found, message will be left intact so any other handlers (eg: main sequence) can pick it up later.

synCtx - MessageContext of the request to be processed
true if the message was dispatched to an API and false otherwise

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