Class PKCS8KeyStoreLoader

  extended by org.apache.synapse.securevault.keystore.PKCS8KeyStoreLoader
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class PKCS8KeyStoreLoader
extends Object
implements IKeyStoreLoader

Constructs a KeyStore instance of type JKS from a pkcs8 private key and certificate.

Constructor Summary
PKCS8KeyStoreLoader(String pkcs8PrivateKeyPath, String certFilePath, String keyPass, String entryAlias)
          constructs an instance of KeyStoreLoader
Method Summary
 KeyStore getKeyStore()
          Returns a JKS keyStore from the given private key, certificate path, key password and alias.
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Constructor Detail


public PKCS8KeyStoreLoader(String pkcs8PrivateKeyPath,
                           String certFilePath,
                           String keyPass,
                           String entryAlias)
constructs an instance of KeyStoreLoader

pkcs8PrivateKeyPath - - path to a private key file. Key must be in PKCS8 format, PEM encoded and unencrypted.
certFilePath - - path to certificate file. File must be PEM encoded.
keyPass - - password to secure the private key within the keystore. This will be required later to retrieve the private key back from the keystore.
entryAlias - - alias for the given entry within the keystore.
Method Detail


public KeyStore getKeyStore()
Returns a JKS keyStore from the given private key, certificate path, key password and alias.

Specified by:
getKeyStore in interface IKeyStoreLoader
KeyStore Instance

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