Package org.apache.synapse.securevault

Interface Summary
DecryptionProvider Provides Decrypt operation
EncryptionProvider Provides Encrypt operation
ICACertsLoader ICACertsLoader provides an uniform interface to create a keyStore containing CA certs (trust store)
IKeyStoreLoader Provides a way to load KeyStore

Class Summary
AsymmetricCipher The Cipher doing asymmetric cryptographic operations
BaseCipher Wraps the cipher and expose abstraction need for synapse ciphering
CipherFactory Creates Ciphers
EncodingHelper Helper to handle encoding and decoding of data streams.
PasswordManager Wraps a SecretResolver and exposes as a singleton PasswordManager TODO - more doc
SecretResolver Responsible for resolving secrets such as password.
SecretResolverFactory Factory for creating SecretResolver instances
SymmetricCipher The Cipher doing symmetric cryptographic operations Uses default key when these is no SecretKey

Enum Summary
CipherOperationMode Cipher Operation Mode.
EncodingType Encoding Types
KeyStoreType KeyStore Types

Exception Summary
SecureVaultException Common exception for all within secure vault module - TODO create fine grain exceptions

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