Package org.apache.synapse.task

Interface Summary
Task Represents an executable Task
TaskJobDetailFactory Creates a JobDetail based on give Task Description , additional resources and job class
TaskTriggerFactory Creates a trigger instance based on given Task Description

Class Summary
DefaultTaskJobDetailFactory Default JobDetailFactory ships with synapse utils
DefaultTaskTriggerFactory Default TriggerFactory ship with synapse utils
SynapseTaskManager Helper class to a share Scheduler and TaskDescriptionRepository within a single class space
TaskConstants Constants related with task module
TaskDescription Encapsulates details about a task Properties are self descriptive and related with quartz
TaskDescriptionFactory Create TaskDescription based on OMElement
TaskDescriptionRepository Local repository for holds Task descriptions
TaskDescriptionSerializer Serialize a TaskDescription into a OMElement
TaskScheduler Abstraction for scheduling a Task
TaskSchedulerFactory Factory method for retrieve / create a TaskScheduler

Exception Summary

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