Package org.apache.synapse.transport.nhttp

Interface Summary
Access.AccessLogElement AccessLogElement writes the partial message into the buffer.
HostnameVerifier ************************************************************************ Copied from the not-yet-commons-ssl project at As the above project is accepted into Apache and its JARs become available in the Maven 2 repos, we will have to switch to using the JARs instead ************************************************************************

Interface for checking if a hostname matches the names stored inside the server's X.509 certificate.

HttpGetRequestProcessor This interface is used for plugging in different implementations for special processing of some HTTP GET requests.

Class Summary
Access The class to handle the HTTP Access Logs, patterns and the major functionality.
Access.AcceptCharSetElement write the Accept Character Set Element - %S
Access.AcceptElement write the Accept Element - %C
Access.AcceptEncodingElement write the Accept Encoding Element - %e
Access.AcceptLanguageElement write the Accept Language Element - %L
Access.ByteSentElement write bytes sent, excluding HTTP headers - %b, %B
Access.ConnectionElement write the Connection Element - %x
Access.ContentEncodingElement write the Content Encoding Element - %n
Access.ContentTypeElement write the Content Type Element - %T
Access.CookieElement write a specific cookie - %{xxx}c
Access.HeaderElement write incoming headers - %{xxx}i
Access.HostElement write remote host name - %h
Access.HttpStatusCodeElement write HTTP status code of the response - %s
Access.KeepAliveElement write the Keep Alive Element - %k
Access.LocalAddrElement write local IP address - %A
Access.LocalServerNameElement write local server name - %v
Access.LogicalUserNameElement write remote logical username from identd (always returns '-') - %l
Access.MethodElement write request method (GET, POST, etc.) - %m
Access.RefererElement write the referer - %f
Access.RequestAttributeElement write an attribute in the ServletRequest - %{xxx}r %R
Access.RequestElement write first line of the request (method and request URI) - %r
Access.RequestURIElement write requested URL path - %U
Access.ResponseHeaderElement write a specific response header - %{xxx}o
Access.ServerElement write the Server Element - %Z
Access.StringElement write any string
Access.TransferEncodingElement write the Transfer Encoding Element - %E
Access.UserAgentElement write the user agent - %a
Access.UserElement write remote user that was authenticated (if any), else '-' - %u
Access.VaryElement write the Vary Element - %V
AccessConstants Constants used in the Access Class
AccessHandler Handles the Access, providing an Access object.
AccessLogger Class that logs the Http Accesses to the access log files.
Axis2HttpRequest Represents an outgoing Axis2 HTTP/s request.
ClientHandler The client connection handler.
ClientWorker Performs processing of the HTTP response received for our outgoing request.
DefaultHttpGetProcessor Default http Get processor implementation for Synapse.
HttpCoreNIOListener NIO transport listener for Axis2 based on HttpCore and NIO extensions
HttpCoreNIOSender NIO transport sender for Axis2 based on HttpCore and NIO extensions
HttpCoreRequestResponseTransport This interface is a point of control for Axis2 to control the behaviour of a Request-Response transport such as HTTP/s For nhttp, this does not make much of a difference, as we are capable of keeping a socket open and writing to it from a different thread, while letting the initial thread that read the request go free.
ListenerContext This class is being used to hold the different runtime objects used by the Listeners
NHttpConfiguration Store and manage properties that tune the nhttp transport
NoValidateCertTrustManager Trust manager accepting any certificate.
ServerHandler The server connection handler.
ServerWorker Processes an incoming request through Axis2.
SSLClientIOEventDispatch This custom SSLClientIOEventDispatch can keep a map of SSLContexts and use the correct SSLContext when connecting to different servers.

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