Package org.apache.synapse.transport.nhttp.util

Interface Summary
ConnectionsViewMBean Provides metrics related to the number of connections created and maintained by the NHTTP transport.
LatencyViewMBean Provides metrics related to the latency added by the NHTTP transport while mediating messages through.

Class Summary
AccessTimeUtil Utility methods related to the Access Time
ConnectionsView ConnectionsView MBean can be used to collect and monitor statistics on HTTP connections created by the NHTTP transport.
GzipMessageFormatterDecorator This is the decorator for message formatter and it is need because there isn't any mechanism that can process the message before formatting is occurred.
LatencyView LatencyView provides statistical information related to the latency (overhead) incurred by the Synapse NHTTP transport, when mediating messages back and forth.
MessageFormatterDecoratorFactory Factory for getting Decorator to Message Formatter .
NhttpMetricsCollector This simple extension of the Axis2 transport MetricsCollector implementation, maintains a ConnectionsView instance, which is updated based on the events fired by the NHTTP transport implementation.
NhttpUtil A useful set of utility methods for the HTTP transport
RESTUtil This class provides a set of utility methods to manage the REST invocation calls going out from the nhttp transport in the HTTP GET method

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