Package org.apache.synapse.util.jaxp

Interface Summary
ResultBuilder Interface encapsulating a strategy to transform an XML infoset written to a Result object into an AXIOM tree.
ResultBuilderFactory Factory for ResultBuilder instances.
SourceBuilder Interface encapsulating a strategy to transform an AXIOM tree into a Source object.

Class Summary
AXIOMResultBuilder ResultBuilder implementation that relies on OMResult.
AXIOMResultBuilderFactory ResultBuilderFactory implementation that creates AXIOMResultBuilder instances.
AXIOMSourceBuilder SourceBuilder implementation that transforms the AXIOM tree to SAX using OMSource.
AXIOMSourceBuilderFactory SourceBuilderFactory implementation that creates AXIOMSourceBuilder instances.
DOOMResultBuilder ResultBuilder implementation that produces a DOMResult with an empty DOOM document.
DOOMResultBuilderFactory ResultBuilderFactory implementation that creates DOOMResultBuilder objects.
DOOMSourceBuilder SourceBuilder implementation that transforms the AXIOM tree to DOOM and produces a DOMSource.
DOOMSourceBuilderFactory SourceBuilderFactory implementation that creates DOOMSourceBuilder instances.
SchemaResourceLSInput External schema resource holder for SchemaResourceResolver This will use to store InputStream of external schema resource resolved by SchemaResourceResolver Current implementation is only using InputStream to store external schema resource.
SchemaResourceResolver External schema resource resolver for Validate Mediator

This will used by Validate mediator to resolve external schema references defined in Validate mediator configuration using

StreamResultBuilder ResultBuilder implementation that produces a StreamResult backed by a OverflowBlob object.
StreamResultBuilderFactory ResultBuilderFactory implementation that creates StreamResultBuilder objects.
StreamSourceBuilder SourceBuilder implementation that serializes the AXIOM tree to OverflowBlob object and produces a StreamSource.
StreamSourceBuilderFactory SourceBuilderFactory implementation that creates StreamSourceBuilder instances.

Enum Summary
ResultBuilderFactory.Output Enumeration defining the output type to be expected by ResultBuilder.

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