Class SynapseXPathFunctionContext

  extended by org.apache.synapse.util.xpath.SynapseXPathFunctionContext
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class SynapseXPathFunctionContext
extends Object
implements FunctionContext

XPath function context to be used when resolving XPath functions when using the SynapseXPath and this resolves one function except for the standard XPath functions and Jaxen extension functions.

The function that has been resolved by this FunctionContext is; get-property(String) which is used to retrieve message context properties

See Also:
XPathFunctionContext, SynapseXPath

Constructor Summary
SynapseXPathFunctionContext(FunctionContext parent, MessageContext synCtx)
          Initialises the function context
Method Summary
 Function getFunction(String namespaceURI, String prefix, String localName)
          Get the function with a given namespace and name.
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Constructor Detail


public SynapseXPathFunctionContext(FunctionContext parent,
                                   MessageContext synCtx)

Initialises the function context

parent - the parent function context
synCtx - message to be used for the function initialization
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Method Detail


public Function getFunction(String namespaceURI,
                            String prefix,
                            String localName)
                     throws UnresolvableException
Get the function with a given namespace and name.

Only the get-property function is recognized by this class. Any other function will be resolved using the parent function context.

Specified by:
getFunction in interface FunctionContext
namespaceURI - namespace of the function to be resolved
prefix - string prefix to be resolved
localName - string local name of the function
resolved function
UnresolvableException - if the function specified does not found

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