Interface XMLToObjectMapper

All Known Implementing Classes:
AddressEndpointFactory, ConfigurationFactoryAndSerializerFinder, DefaultEndpointFactory, DynamicLoadbalanceEndpointFactory, EndpointFactory, EntryFactory, FailoverEndpointFactory, IndirectEndpointFactory, LoadbalanceEndpointFactory, MediatorFactoryFinder, RecipientListEndpointFactory, ResolvingEndpointFactory, SALoadbalanceEndpointFactory, StartupFinder, TemplateEndpointFactory, WSDLEndpointFactory, XMLToEndpointMapper, XMLToTemplateMapper

public interface XMLToObjectMapper

Defines the interface which should be implemented by a mapper that could convert a XML resource into a known Object such as WSDL, XSD, etc..

Method Summary
 Object getObjectFromOMNode(OMNode om, Properties properties)
          Create an application object from the given OMNode

Method Detail


Object getObjectFromOMNode(OMNode om,
                           Properties properties)
Create an application object from the given OMNode

om - the XML
properties - bag of properties to pass in any information to the factory
a suitable application object

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