Uses of Interface

Packages that use XMLToObjectMapper
org.apache.synapse.config.xml Factories and serializers for XML based configuration. 

Uses of XMLToObjectMapper in org.apache.synapse.config

Methods in org.apache.synapse.config that return XMLToObjectMapper
 XMLToObjectMapper Entry.getMapper()
static XMLToObjectMapper SynapseConfigUtils.getXmlToObjectMapper(String contentType)
          Return a suitable XMLToObjectMapper for the given content type if one is available, else return null;

Methods in org.apache.synapse.config with parameters of type XMLToObjectMapper
 void Entry.setMapper(XMLToObjectMapper mapper)
          Set the mapper

Uses of XMLToObjectMapper in org.apache.synapse.config.xml

Classes in org.apache.synapse.config.xml that implement XMLToObjectMapper
 class ConfigurationFactoryAndSerializerFinder
          This class is based on J2SE Service Provider model

It deals with both the problem of turning an XML into a Synapse config and vice-versa

 class EntryFactory
          Factory for Entry instances.
 class MediatorFactoryFinder
          This class is based on J2SE Service Provider model
 class StartupFinder
 class XMLToTemplateMapper

Uses of XMLToObjectMapper in org.apache.synapse.config.xml.endpoints

Classes in org.apache.synapse.config.xml.endpoints that implement XMLToObjectMapper
 class AddressEndpointFactory
          Creates AddressEndpoint using a XML configuration.
 class DefaultEndpointFactory
          Creates DefaultEndpoint using a XML configuration.
 class DynamicLoadbalanceEndpointFactory
          Creates DynamicLoadbalanceEndpoint using an XML configuration.
 class EndpointFactory
          All endpoint factories should extend from this abstract class.
 class FailoverEndpointFactory
          Creates FailoverEndpoint using a XML configuration.
 class IndirectEndpointFactory
          Creates an IndirectEndpoint using a XML configuration.
 class LoadbalanceEndpointFactory
          Creates LoadbalanceEndpoint using an XML configuration.
 class RecipientListEndpointFactory
           Creates RecipientListEndpoint using an XML configuration.
 class ResolvingEndpointFactory
 class SALoadbalanceEndpointFactory
          Creates SALoadbalanceEndpoint from an XML configuration.
 class TemplateEndpointFactory
 class WSDLEndpointFactory
          Creates an WSDLEndpoint based endpoint from a XML configuration.
 class XMLToEndpointMapper
          This is a generic XMLToObjectMapper implementation for all endpoint types.

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