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Packages that use AbstractMediatorFactory
org.apache.synapse.config.xml Factories and serializers for XML based configuration. 

Uses of AbstractMediatorFactory in org.apache.synapse.config.xml

Subclasses of AbstractMediatorFactory in org.apache.synapse.config.xml
 class AbstractDBMediatorFactory
          Base class for factories for database related mediators.
 class AbstractListMediatorFactory
          This implements the basic logic to build a list mediator from a given XML configuration.
 class AggregateMediatorFactory
          Factory for AggregateMediator instances from the config;
 class AnnotatedCommandMediatorFactory
          Creates an instance of a AnnotatedCommand mediator using XML configuration specified

 class AnonymousListMediatorFactory
          This is factory for creating an anonymous list mediator(an unnamed list of mediators )
 class CacheMediatorFactory
          Creates an instance of a Cache mediator using XML configuration specified
 class CalloutMediatorFactory
          Factory for CalloutMediator instances.
 class ClassMediatorFactory
          Creates an instance of a Class mediator using XML configuration specified

 class CloneMediatorFactory
          The <clone> element is used to copy messages in Synapse to similar messages but with different message contexts and mediated using the specified targets
 class ConditionalRouterMediatorFactory
           <conditionalRouter continueAfter="(true|false)"> <route breakRoute="(true|false)"> <condition ../> <target ../> </route> </conditionalRouter>
 class DBLookupMediatorFactory
          Factory for DBLookupMediator instances.
 class DBReportMediatorFactory
          Factory for DBReportMediator instances.
 class DropMediatorFactory
          Factory for DropMediator instances.
 class EnqueueMediatorFactory
 class EnrichMediatorFactory
 class FaultMediatorFactory
          Factory for FaultMediator instances.
 class FilterMediatorFactory
          Creates a filter mediator instance with the default behavior
 class HeaderMediatorFactory
          Factory for HeaderMediator instances.
 class InMediatorFactory
          Factory for InMediator instances.
 class InvokeMediatorFactory
          Builds Invoke mediator from a configuration as ...
 class IterateMediatorFactory
          The <iterate> element is used to split messages in Synapse to smaller messages with only one part of the elements described in the XPATH expression.
 class LogMediatorFactory
          Created a Log mediator that logs messages using commons-logging.
 class MessageStoreMediatorFactory
          Creates an instance of a MessageStore mediator using XML configuration specified
 class OutMediatorFactory
          Creates an Out mediator instance
 class PayloadFactoryMediatorFactory
          Creates a payloadFactory mediator from the provided XML configuration

 class POJOCommandMediatorFactory
          Factory for POJOCommandMediator instances.
 class PropertyMediatorFactory
          Creates a property mediator through the supplied XML configuration

 class RMSequenceMediatorFactory
          Factory for RMSequenceMediator instances.
 class SamplingThrottleMediatorFactory
          Builds the SamplingThrottleMediator instance by looking at the following configuration
 class SendMediatorFactory
          Factory for SendMediator instances.
 class SequenceMediatorFactory
          Factory for SequenceMediator instances.
 class SwitchMediatorFactory
          Factory for SwitchMediator instances.
 class SynapseMediatorFactory
          Builds the main mediator (@see SynapseConfiguration) of the Synapse instance
 class TemplateMediatorFactory
          Factory class for Template configuration as follows
 class TransactionMediatorFactory
          The Factory for create transaction mediator- InLine XML need to provide

 class URLRewriteMediatorFactory
          Creates an instance of the URLRewriteMediator given an XML configuration which adheres to the following grammar.
 class ValidateMediatorFactory
          Factory for ValidateMediator instances.
 class XSLTMediatorFactory
          Factory for XSLTMediator instances.

Uses of AbstractMediatorFactory in org.apache.synapse.config.xml.eventing

Subclasses of AbstractMediatorFactory in org.apache.synapse.config.xml.eventing
 class EventPublisherMediatorFactory
          Factory for EventPublisherMediator instances.

Uses of AbstractMediatorFactory in org.apache.synapse.experimental

Subclasses of AbstractMediatorFactory in org.apache.synapse.experimental
 class DetachMediatorFactory
 class ReplaceMediatorFactory

Uses of AbstractMediatorFactory in org.apache.synapse.experimental.mediators.seda

Subclasses of AbstractMediatorFactory in org.apache.synapse.experimental.mediators.seda
 class SEDAMediatorFactory

Uses of AbstractMediatorFactory in org.apache.synapse.mediators.bsf

Subclasses of AbstractMediatorFactory in org.apache.synapse.mediators.bsf
 class ScriptMediatorFactory
          Creates an instance of a Script mediator for inline or external script mediation for BSF scripting languages.

Uses of AbstractMediatorFactory in org.apache.synapse.mediators.spring

Subclasses of AbstractMediatorFactory in org.apache.synapse.mediators.spring
 class SpringMediatorFactory
          Creates an instance of a Spring mediator that refers to the given Spring configuration and bean.

Uses of AbstractMediatorFactory in org.apache.synapse.mediators.throttle

Subclasses of AbstractMediatorFactory in org.apache.synapse.mediators.throttle
 class ThrottleMediatorFactory
          The Factory for create throttle mediator- key or InLine XMl need to provide

Uses of AbstractMediatorFactory in org.apache.synapse.mediators.xquery

Subclasses of AbstractMediatorFactory in org.apache.synapse.mediators.xquery
 class XQueryMediatorFactory
          Creates a XQuery mediator from the given XML


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