Package org.apache.synapse.deployers

Class Summary
AbstractSynapseArtifactDeployer Implements the generic logic for the synapse artifact deployment and provide a deployment framework for the synapse.
EndpointDeployer Handles the Endpoint deployment and undeployment tasks
EventSourceDeployer Handles the EventSource deployment and undeployment tasks
ExtensionDeployer This will support the hot deployment and hot update of Synapse extensions (mediators and startups) at runtime using the Axis2 concepts of deployers.
LocalEntryDeployer Handles the LocalEntry deployment and undeployment tasks
ProxyServiceDeployer Handles the ProxyService deployment and undeployment tasks
SequenceDeployer Handles the Sequence deployment and undeployment tasks
SynapseArtifactDeploymentStore Keeps track of the artifacts deployed with files inside the synapse repository
TaskDeployer Handles the Startup Task deployment and undeployment

Exception Summary
SynapseArtifactDeploymentException Represents an exception for synapse artifact deployment issues.

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