Package org.apache.synapse.endpoints

Interface Summary
Endpoint Endpoint defines the behavior common to all Synapse endpoints.

Class Summary
AbstractEndpoint An abstract base class for all Endpoint implementations
AddressEndpoint This class represents an actual endpoint to send the message.
DefaultEndpoint This class represents an endpoint with the EPR as the 'To' header of the message.
DynamicLoadbalanceEndpoint Represents a dynamic load balance endpoint.
DynamicLoadbalanceFaultHandler This FaultHandler will try to resend the message to another member if an error occurs while sending to some member.
EndpointContext This class is one of the key classes of the Endpoint management in Synapse.
EndpointDefinition An Endpoint definition contains the information about an endpoint.
EndpointView This class is the metrics collector and JMX control point for Endpoints
FailoverEndpoint FailoverEndpoint can have multiple child endpoints.
IndirectEndpoint This class represents a real endpoint referred by a key.
LoadbalanceEndpoint A Load balance endpoint contains multiple child endpoints.
RecipientListEndpoint A Recipient List endpoint can contain multiple child endpoints or member elements.
SALoadbalanceEndpoint SALoadbalanceEndpoint supports session affinity based load balancing.
Template A template with the endpoint information.
WSDLEndpoint WSDLEndpoint represents the endpoints built using a WSDL document.

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