Interface FilterMediator

All Superinterfaces:
ListMediator, ManagedLifecycle, Mediator, SynapseArtifact
All Known Implementing Classes:
FilterMediator, InMediator, OutMediator

public interface FilterMediator
extends ListMediator

The filter mediator is a list mediator, which executes the given (sub) list of mediators if the specified condition is satisfied

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Method Summary
 boolean test(MessageContext synCtx)
          Should return true if the sub/child mediators should execute.
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addAll, addChild, getChild, getList, removeChild, removeChild
Methods inherited from interface org.apache.synapse.Mediator
getTraceState, getType, mediate, setTraceState
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getDescription, setDescription
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destroy, init

Method Detail


boolean test(MessageContext synCtx)
Should return true if the sub/child mediators should execute. i.e. if the filter condition is satisfied

synCtx -
true if the configured filter condition evaluates to true

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