Package org.apache.synapse.mediators

Interface Summary
FilterMediator The filter mediator is a list mediator, which executes the given (sub) list of mediators if the specified condition is satisfied
ListMediator The List mediator executes a given sequence/list of child mediators.

Class Summary
AbstractListMediator This is the base class for all List mediators
AbstractMediator This is the super class of all mediators, and defines common logging, tracing other aspects for all mediators who extend from this.
GetPropertyFunction Implements the XPath extension function synapse:get-property(scope,prop-name)
MediatorFaultHandler This implements the FaultHandler interface as a mediator fault handler.
MediatorLog Concrete implementation of the SynapseLog interface appropriate for usage in a mediator.
MediatorProperty A mediator property is a name-value or name-expression pair which could be supplied for certain mediators.
MediatorWorker This class will be used as the executer for the injectAsync method for the sequence mediation
Value Represents a Value Handling both static and dynamic(Xpath) keys.

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