Package org.apache.synapse.securevault.secret.handler

Class Summary
HardCodedSecretCallbackHandler Hard-coded passwords as secrets .This is just a demonstration example and need to be adopted as user requirements.
JBossEncryptionSecretCallbackHandler SecretCallbackHandler implementation which is compatible to the default encryption used within the JBoss Application Server to decrypt database passwords.
JlineSecretCallbackHandler JlineBased SecretCallbackHandler , get the required secret using command line and propagates to the application that need secret *
JMXSecretCallbackHandler Get and propagates secrets that have been collected through JMX Mean
SecretManagerSecretCallbackHandler SecretManager based secret provider , this can be used by other application to get secret form SecretManager
SharedSecretCallbackHandler SecretCallbackHandler that uses an existing SecretCallbackHandler instance provided when starting server
SharedSecretCallbackHandlerCache Keep shared SecretCallbackHandler instance.

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