Package org.apache.synapse.securevault.secret

Interface Summary
SecretCallback Get the required secret from secret providers This is to be passed to SecretCallbackHandlers and get secret
SecretCallbackHandler Get the required secrets needed from varies secret providers
SecretRepository Represents the abstraction 'Repository of secret' Implementation can be any type - file,jdbc
SecretRepositoryProvider Factory method for creating a instance of a SecretRepository

Class Summary
AbstractSecretCallbackHandler A Base SecretCallbackHandler This expose API to handle SingleSecretCallback and all other functionality is implemented by itself
MultiSecretCallback Represents group of any number of Callbacks - group means, they provide secret for a one use
SecretCallbackHandlerFactory Contains factory methods to create SecretCallbackHandler
SecretInformation Encapsulates the All information related to a DataSource TODO - properly remove SecretResolve instances
SecretInformationFactory Factory to create a DataSourceInformation based on given properties
SecretLoadingModule Loads the secret on behalf of applications
SecretManager Entry point for manage secrets
SingleSecretCallback A single secret callback that can be used to collect a single secret

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