Apache Synapse - the lightweight ESB

Apache Synapse is a simple, lightweight and high performance Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) from Apache. Based on a small asynchronous core, Apache Synapse has excellent support for XML and Web services - as well as binary and text formats. The Synapse engine is configured with a simple XML format and comes with a set of useful transports and mediators. We recommend you start by reading the QuickStart and then trying out the samples.

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Synapse graduated from the Apache Incubator on the 2nd of January 2007, and has been officially accepted as a sub-project of the Apache Web Services project

This release of Synapse is 1.0. Its key features are

  • Proxy services - facilitating transport, interface (WSDL/Schema/Policy), message format (SOAP/POX), QoS (WS-Security/RM) and optimization switching (MTOM/SwA)

  • Non-blocking http/s transports based on Apache HttpCore for ultrafast execution and support for thousands of connections

  • Built in Registry/Repository, facilitating dynamic updating and reloading of the configuration and associated resources (e.g. XSLTs, XSD, JS, ..)

  • Easily extended via custom Java class/Spring mediators, or BSF Scripting languages (Javascript, Ruby etc)

  • Load-balancing/Fail-over and Throttling support

  • WS-Security, WS-Reliable Messaging & Throttling configurable via WS-Policies

  • JMS message support for binary, plain text and XML and SOAP payloads

  • Lightweight, XML and Web services centric messaging model

  • Configurations serialized into a file system for versioning/backup and restoration

  • Support for Error handling and timeouts, and recovery

  • Many samples and a built-in Axis2 server to try out and experiment with samples (Samples includes WS-Security, JMS POX/Text messages, Script mediation and many more samples which can be run out of the box)

  • Enhanced documentation