Sample 254: Using File System as the Transport Medium (Reading/Writing Files)

<definitions xmlns=""> <proxy name="StockQuoteProxy" transports="vfs"> <parameter name="transport.vfs.FileURI">file:///home/user/test/in</parameter> <!--CHANGE--> <parameter name="transport.vfs.ContentType">text/xml</parameter> <parameter name="transport.vfs.FileNamePattern">.*\.xml</parameter> <parameter name="transport.PollInterval">15</parameter> <parameter name="transport.vfs.MoveAfterProcess">file:///home/user/test/original</parameter> <!--CHANGE--> <parameter name="transport.vfs.MoveAfterFailure">file:///home/user/test/original</parameter> <!--CHANGE--> <parameter name="transport.vfs.ActionAfterProcess">MOVE</parameter> <parameter name="transport.vfs.ActionAfterFailure">MOVE</parameter> <target> <endpoint> <address format="soap12" uri="http://localhost:9000/services/SimpleStockQuoteService"/> </endpoint> <outSequence> <property name="transport.vfs.ReplyFileName" expression="fn:concat(fn:substring-after(get-property('MessageID'), 'urn:uuid:'), '.xml')" scope="transport"/> <property action="set" name="OUT_ONLY" value="true"/> <send> <endpoint> <address uri="vfs:file:///home/user/test/out"/> <!--CHANGE--> </endpoint> </send> </outSequence> </target> <publishWSDL uri="file:repository/conf/sample/resources/proxy/sample_proxy_1.wsdl"/> </proxy> </definitions>


Synapse can access the local file system using its VFS (Virtual File System) transport receiver and sender. This way Synapse can read files in the local file system as well as write to the local file system. This sample show cases the Synapse VFS transport in action.


  • Deploy the SimpleStockQuoteService in the sample Axis2 server and start Axis2
  • Create 3 new directories (folders) named 'in', 'out' and 'original' in a suitable location in the local file system (eg: /home/user/test).
  • Open the repository/conf/sample/synapse_sample_254.xml file in a text editor and. Then change the transport.vfs.FileURI, transport.vfs.MoveAfterProcess, transport.vfs.MoveAfterFailure parameter values to the above in, original and original directories respectively. Note that both 2nd and 3rd parameters are pointed to the 'original' directory.
  • Change the endpoint in the out-sequence to point to the 'out' directory. The prefix 'vfs' in the endpoint URL must not be removed or changed.
  • Enable the VFS transport receiver and sender for Synapse (refer VFS setup guide for more information)
  • Start Synapse using the configuration numbered 254 (repository/conf/sample/synapse_sample_254.xml)
    Unix/Linux: sh -sample 254
    Windows: synapse.bat -sample 254

Executing the Client

Copy the test.xml file in the repository/conf/sample/resources/vfs directory to the directory given in transport.vfs.FileURI above (i.e the 'in' directory). This file contains a simple stock quote request in XML/SOAP format.

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?> <soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="" xmlns:wsa=""> <soapenv:Body> <m0:getQuote xmlns:m0="http://services.samples"> <m0:request> <m0:symbol>IBM</m0:symbol> </m0:request> </m0:getQuote> </soapenv:Body> </soapenv:Envelope>

VFS transport listener will pick the file from 'in' directory and send it to the Axis2 service over HTTP. The request XML file will be backed up in the 'original' directory. The response from the Axis2 server will be saved to the 'out' directory.

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