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Uses of Nameable in org.apache.synapse

Subinterfaces of Nameable in org.apache.synapse
 interface Startup
          This startup interface will be instantiated to create startup tasks.

Uses of Nameable in org.apache.synapse.endpoints

Subinterfaces of Nameable in org.apache.synapse.endpoints
 interface Endpoint
          Endpoint defines the behavior common to all Synapse endpoints.

Classes in org.apache.synapse.endpoints that implement Nameable
 class AbstractEndpoint
          An abstract base class for all Endpoint implementations
 class AddressEndpoint
          This class represents an actual endpoint to send the message.
 class DefaultEndpoint
          This class represents an endpoint with the EPR as the 'To' header of the message.
 class DynamicLoadbalanceEndpoint
          Represents a dynamic load balance endpoint.
 class FailoverEndpoint
          FailoverEndpoint can have multiple child endpoints.
 class IndirectEndpoint
          This class represents a real endpoint referred by a key.
 class LoadbalanceEndpoint
          A Load balance endpoint contains multiple child endpoints.
 class RecipientListEndpoint
           A Recipient List endpoint can contain multiple child endpoints or member elements.
 class ResolvingEndpoint
 class SALoadbalanceEndpoint
          SALoadbalanceEndpoint supports session affinity based load balancing.
 class TemplateEndpoint
 class WSDLEndpoint
          WSDLEndpoint represents the endpoints built using a WSDL document.

Uses of Nameable in org.apache.synapse.mediators.base

Classes in org.apache.synapse.mediators.base that implement Nameable
 class SequenceMediator
          The Sequence mediator either refers to a named Sequence mediator instance or is a *Named* list/sequence of other (child) Mediators

If this instance defines a sequence mediator, then the name is required, and an errorHandler sequence name optional.


Uses of Nameable in org.apache.synapse.message.processors

Subinterfaces of Nameable in org.apache.synapse.message.processors
 interface MessageProcessor
          All Synapse Message Processors must implement MessageProcessor interface Message processors will process the Message using a Message Store.

Classes in org.apache.synapse.message.processors that implement Nameable
 class AbstractMessageProcessor
          Class AbstractMessageProcessor is handles Message processing of the messages in Message Store.
 class ScheduledMessageProcessor

Uses of Nameable in org.apache.synapse.message.processors.forward

Classes in org.apache.synapse.message.processors.forward that implement Nameable
 class ScheduledMessageForwardingProcessor
          Redelivery processor is the Message processor which implements the Dead letter channel EIP It will Time to time Redeliver the Messages to a given target.

Uses of Nameable in org.apache.synapse.message.processors.sampler

Classes in org.apache.synapse.message.processors.sampler that implement Nameable
 class SamplingProcessor

Uses of Nameable in

Subinterfaces of Nameable in
 interface MessageStore
          This is the interface for the Synapse Message Store Message Store is used to store Messages.

Classes in that implement Nameable
 class AbstractMessageStore
 class InMemoryMessageStore
          InMemory Message store will store Failed Messages in the local memory

Uses of Nameable in org.apache.synapse.startup

Classes in org.apache.synapse.startup that implement Nameable
 class AbstractStartup

Uses of Nameable in org.apache.synapse.startup.quartz

Classes in org.apache.synapse.startup.quartz that implement Nameable
 class SimpleQuartz

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