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Packages that use Startup
org.apache.synapse.config.xml Factories and serializers for XML based configuration. 

Uses of Startup in org.apache.synapse.config

Methods in org.apache.synapse.config that return Startup
 Startup SynapseConfiguration.getStartup(String id)
          Get the Startup with the specified name

Methods in org.apache.synapse.config that return types with arguments of type Startup
 Collection<Startup> SynapseConfiguration.getStartups()
          Get the startup collection in the configuration

Methods in org.apache.synapse.config with parameters of type Startup
 void SynapseConfiguration.addStartup(Startup startup)
          Add a startup to the startups map in the configuration.
 void AbstractSynapseObserver.startupAdded(Startup startup)
 void SynapseObserver.startupAdded(Startup startup)
          Event fired when a startup is added to the configuration
 void AbstractSynapseObserver.startupRemoved(Startup startup)
 void SynapseObserver.startupRemoved(Startup startup)
          Event fired when a startup is removed from the configuration
 void SynapseConfiguration.updateStartup(Startup startup)

Uses of Startup in org.apache.synapse.config.xml

Methods in org.apache.synapse.config.xml that return Startup
 Startup StartupFactory.createStartup(OMElement elem)
          Create (build from OM) from the specified OMElement
static Startup SynapseXMLConfigurationFactory.defineStartup(SynapseConfiguration config, OMElement elem, Properties properties)
 Startup StartupFinder.getObjectFromOMNode(OMNode om, Properties properties)
          Allow the startup finder to act as an XMLToObjectMapper for Startup (i.e.
 Startup StartupFinder.getStartup(OMElement element, Properties properties)
          This method returns a Processor given an OMElement.

Methods in org.apache.synapse.config.xml with parameters of type Startup
 OMElement StartupFinder.serializeStartup(OMElement parent, Startup startup)
          This method will serialize the config using the supplied QName (looking up the right class to do it)
 OMElement StartupSerializer.serializeStartup(OMElement parent, Startup startup)
          Serializes the Startup to an OMElement and attaches as a child to the provided parent OMElement
 OMElement MultiXMLConfigurationSerializer.serializeTask(Startup task, SynapseConfiguration synapseConfig, OMElement parent)

Uses of Startup in org.apache.synapse.startup

Classes in org.apache.synapse.startup that implement Startup
 class AbstractStartup

Uses of Startup in org.apache.synapse.startup.quartz

Classes in org.apache.synapse.startup.quartz that implement Startup
 class SimpleQuartz

Methods in org.apache.synapse.startup.quartz that return Startup
 Startup SimpleQuartzFactory.createStartup(OMElement el)

Methods in org.apache.synapse.startup.quartz with parameters of type Startup
 OMElement SimpleQuartzSerializer.serializeStartup(OMElement parent, Startup s)

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